Comparing Electric Prices in Houston


As the fall season approaches,temperatures in Houston are cooling down,leading to anticipated reduced electricity rates and energy demand.

Express Energy,Gexa Energy,4Change Energy,and Frontier Utilities are currently offering some of the most competitive electric rates in Houston.

The lowest electric rate in Houston on the marketplace is 12 cents per kWh,which is 14%lower than the state average.Use your ZIP code to find affordable electric rates in Houston.

Electricity Rates in Houston

Similar to most of Texas,Houston provides a deregulated energy market for residents and businesses seeking electricity plans.Deregulation enables consumers to select their electricity provider from a competitive market,encouraging light companies in Houston,Texas,to offer more cost-effective electricity rates.

The lowest available residential electricity rate in Houston on our platform is 12 cents per kilowatt-hour(kWh)—14%lower than the average Texas electric rate.Enter your ZIP code on’s free marketplace to compare electricity rates,explore energy providers,and efficiently enroll in a residential or business electricity plan.

Energy prices fluctuate based on market demand,which is often influenced by changing weather patterns in Houston.High energy demand during the summer led to elevated electricity rates;however,prices are now decreasing as temperatures cool.

Power to Choose Houston

Residents and businesses in Houston have the freedom to select electricity companies that align with their energy requirements.Deregulation eliminates the necessity to purchase energy solely from the local utility,providing the option to choose from multiple electric providers in Houston.For those seeking to reduce electricity expenses,comparing rates and features from different Houston electric companies can be can assist in finding a new electricity contract—simply enter your ZIP code to discover affordable electricity in Houston.

Discovering the Optimal Energy Plans in Houston

Electric rates can vary based on location,primarily due to transmission and distribution fees imposed by local utility companies for delivering power to homes.The free marketplace offers the opportunity to find the best Houston electricity rates and compare options from top energy providers in your area.

Here’s a breakdown of how the marketplace functions:

Enter your ZIP code to view available rates and plans from various Houston electricity companies.You can refine your search by term length,specific providers,and more.

Understand your usage to make an informed decision when selecting the best plan.

Review the plan details by browsing through each plan’s Electricity Facts Label(EFL)to ensure they align with your energy needs.

Enroll in a suitable energy plan either online or by contacting one of our energy experts for assistance.

Enjoy savings on your Houston electricity bills,as your new light company manages the setup without disrupting your electricity service.

Cost-Effective Electricity Plans in Houston

As of the latest Energy Information Administration(EIA)update in July 2023,the average residential electricity rate in Texas is 2%higher than the previous year due to escalating energy costs.Nevertheless,the free marketplace can help secure the best prices.Enter your ZIP code to find affordable electricity rates and power companies in Houston.

Finding the Most Affordable Rates can facilitate the process of securing the best prices through our free marketplace.The lowest available Houston electric rate on our site is 12 cents per kWh—14%below the average Texas rate.Enter your ZIP code to discover the most competitive electricity rates in Houston.

Understanding Electricity Companies and Utilities in Houston

In a deregulated electricity market,retail electric providers(REPs)vie for customers by offering competitive rates and improved service.It’s important to differentiate between the roles of electricity providers and utility companies in deregulated markets.

Electricity companies handle the sale of electricity to consumers,offer plans,and manage billing,while local utility companies deliver electricity to homes and maintain power lines and electrical infrastructure.Consumers can choose their Houston electric company,but cannot select their utility,which is contingent on their location.

Utility companies:CenterPoint Energy is the utility company servicing Houston,and consumers cannot change their utility provider.

Power companies:Houston residents have the option to select from various affordable electricity companies,including TXU Energy,Gexa Energy,4Change Energy,and Frontier Utilities.The marketplace showcases numerous reputable light companies.Enter your ZIP code to explore your options.

Power Outages in Houston

In the event of power outages,utility companies in Texas are responsible for maintaining power lines and addressing outages.Contact CenterPoint if you experience a power outage in the Houston area.You can report an electrical outage on the CenterPoint website.

Switching Electricity Companies

Switching to a more cost-effective provider in Houston is straightforward.Simply enter your ZIP code on’s marketplace to view a list of light companies in Houston.You can filter options by term length,reviews,electric rate types,green energy,and more.

After selecting the best energy provider for your situation,review the plan details in the Electricity Facts Label(EFL).You can finalize the process by enrolling in your new electricity contract on our site,and your new Houston electric company will handle the transition without interrupting your service.

Optimal Electricity Rates in My Area

Comparing electric rates across multiple sites can be offers a convenient platform to find the most affordable electricity rates in Houston.Enter your ZIP code to discover affordable light companies near you and view available plans and rates.

Energy companies in Houston may offer different rates for the same plan depending on location.The rate discrepancy is often due to transmission charges for delivering electricity to homes from power-generating facilities.The marketplace provides accurate electric rates in your area when you enter your ZIP code.

Current Energy Trends in Houston

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA)predicts slightly warmer-than-average weather in Texas through December.The Electric Reliability Council of Texas(ERCOT)announced that the electricity grid would have sufficient supply to meet demand this fall.

Solar Energy in Houston

For those seeking independence from the traditional electricity grid,installing solar panels is an can provide guidance on the solar panel installation process and connect you with a solar company in your area.The solar industry in Houston is rapidly growing,and Texas ranks second in the nation for solar energy generation.Explore our solar guides and consult with our solar experts to embark on your renewable energy journey.

Impact of Weather on Houston Electricity Rates

Houston typically experiences hot summers and mild winters,with varying power consumption and demand depending on the temperature.Opting for a plan during periods of low demand,such as the spring and fall months,can help secure cheap electricity in Houston.The marketplace enables consumers to choose a fixed-rate plan during off-peak seasons.Alternatively,during high demand,consider a fixed-rate plan with a shorter contract.

Relocating to Houston?

As the most populous city in Texas,Houston offers a diverse range of attractions.Before moving to the city,check with your current electricity provider to determine if they offer service in your new neighborhood.If you seek a lower energy rate or need to switch providers, can assist.Utilize our marketplace or contact our energy experts to find an affordable electricity plan near you up to 90 days before your move.

Same-Day Electricity

For those in urgent need,same-day electricity in Houston allows for the activation of electricity service within a few hours of signing up.Our energy experts can help you find power companies in Houston to start service immediately and avoid interruptions.Contact the number on your screen to explore your options.

Types of Energy Plans in Houston

The best power companies in Houston offer various affordable energy plans,including fixed-rate,variable-rate,and no-deposit plans.Our energy plan resources can guide you through the available options and assist in finding cheap electricity in Houston.For inquiries,contact our energy experts by calling the number on your screen.

Fixed-Rate Energy Plans in Houston

With a fixed-rate plan,you can secure a consistent electricity rate throughout your contract,typically lasting 12 to 36 months.This plan eliminates concerns about rate fluctuations based on the energy market,although early termination fees may apply if you cancel before the term ends.

Variable-Rate Plans in Houston

A variable-rate plan may offer a lower rate without a contract,although the electric rate may fluctuate monthly based on the wholesale price of electricity.Customers may experience higher costs when overall energy demand increases.

No-Deposit Plans in Houston

Some electricity providers require a deposit before initiating service.However,several light companies in Houston offer no-deposit electricity plans,including prepaid options,allowing customers to avoid the deposit and pay for electricity in advance.

Green Electricity Plans in Houston

Texas is at the forefront of solar energy and wind power generation,providing numerous green energy options in Houston.Every Texas electricity plan includes a percentage of renewable energy,with some providers exclusively offering 100%green energy plans.Enter your ZIP code and filter for green energy to explore renewable energy options in Houston.

Business Energy Plans in Houston

Deregulation allows business owners to select from various cost-effective electricity companies in Houston.The marketplace enables comparison of business electricity rates in Houston and the securing of affordable commercial electricity prices.Complete our business energy form to compare electricity rates for your business,or contact the number on your screen to speak with a commercial electricity expert.

Calculating Your Energy Usage in Houston

Your monthly energy consumption directly impacts your energy bills,making it crucial to choose an electricity plan that aligns with your usage patterns.Calculating your electricity consumption can assist in identifying the right energy option.Our energy usage calculator helps determine your monthly energy consumption and its translation into your average electric bill.